How do I obtain a quotation through Rigtons or speak to you about my policy?

Simply contact us by telephone on 01943 879539, email enquiries@rigtoninsurance.co.uk fax 01943 875529, or click on the contact us button on our website.

Email addresses are not continually monitored; therefore we would recommend that in the first instance you telephone us.

When can I contact Rigtons?

We are open between 0900 and 1730, Monday to Friday.

Are quotations free?

A quotation is free and there is no obligation to accept. Where commission is payable to us by the insurer this will be included within the quotation. In addition, we may charge a fee for arranging your policy and this will be detailed in the quotation provided.

Can I trust Rigtons to give me the advice that I need?

We work with businesses and private clients across the UK and they have chosen us because we –

  • Are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Have been trading for over 30 years
  • Were one of the first brokers nationally to be awarded the coveted status of Chartered Insurance Brokers – currently fewer than 100 firms have achieved this
  • Are member of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA)
  • We have signed the Aldermanbury Declaration committing to professional standards and seeking improvement in the sector
  • Have qualified and experienced brokers
  • Have a personal approach
  • Offer a supportive claims service

How experienced are Rigtons brokers?

Our team is one of the most experienced in the region –

  • All of our brokers are members of the Chartered Insurance Institute and follow their professional development programme.
  • Our senior team have been accepted as Institute Registered Insurance Brokers, a title reserved only for leading professionals within the market.
  • Many of our team have decades of broking experience and hold relevant professional insurance qualifications.
  • A number of our team have worked for both brokers and insurers which gives them a unique insight into the market.

What is the difference between an insurance broker and an insurance company?

As a broker we are independent of any insurance company. We are completely impartial and based on our experience and expertise we represent our clients best interests to insurance companies and arrange suitable insurance policies.

Are Rigtons tied to any particular insurers?

We are independent and impartial, although we have many strong relationships with insurers which is to our clients benefit. This offers you flexibility and peace of mind that we are recommending the best policy and insurer for you. For specific classes of insurance, such as our preserved vehicle and heritage railway schemes, we may approach a limited number of insurers or a single insurer. This is because these schemes have been individually negotiated for that sector and offer bespoke market leading covers not found elsewhere together with extremely competitive premium rates.

What kind of clients do Rigtons arrange insurance for?

We work with both commercial and private clients from companies with more than 50 employees to sole-traders. We have clients that are profit-making organisations, Charities and Trusts and we have specialisms in a number of industry sectors such as fleets, railways, preserved vehicles, and electrical contractors.

How do Rigtons obtain quotations on my behalf?

It always starts with a conversation. We will -

  • Discuss your requirements and find our more about your circumstances
  • Agree upon the covers that you need and a time-frame in which to return to you
  • Prepare a detailed presentation for our insurer markets
  • Assess quotations received and negotiate the terms with underwriters
  • Once we have settled on the most suitable policy, we will contact you and put our recommendation in writing
  • We will also let you know of other market terms in the market and why these have/have not been recommended

Do Rigtons charge fees?

We take a flexible approach and have options to work -

Commission Only - this is a calculated as a percentage of your premium net of Insurance Premium Tax. The percentage varies between insurers, but is included within their quotations so you need not be concerned about additional costs.

Commission and Fee – relevant where additional services are offered or where commission is not reflective of our costs.

Fee Only - separates our services completely from your premium and is suitable, for example, where commission is not payable by the insurer or where an annual fee arrangement is more appropriate to the premium spend.

If we are charging a fee this will be clearly detailed in our quotation to you.

How can I pay my policy premium?

Your insurer will require that we settle the premium on your behalf within a set period. In most instances we offer flexible payment terms, and accept settlement by –

  • BACS
  • Cheque
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Premium Finance Instalment Plan (service charge/annual interest rate usually applies)

Please note that an instalment option may not be available in every instance and a credit check will be undertaken.

How does a Premium Finance Instalment Plan work?

A number of insurers offer their own premium finance plan and we will make this clear to you if it is an option. Alternatively, we can arrange an instalment plan for you through Premium Credit Ltd. In most cases a 20% deposit is required at inception which is taken as your first months payment, with the remaining premium being payable over 9 monthly instalments from your nominated account. A service charge will be added to the policy premium. Please contact us for a product brochure.

Can Rigtons place cover immediately?

In most cases we can issue cover instantaneously either by issuing a covernote or by contacting the underwriter for you.

How long are quotations valid for?

In most cases quotations are valid for 30 days from the date the insurer quoted (not the date we provide you with the quotation). If after 30 days you wish to proceed then the insurer will need to re-issue a quotation which may not be subject to the same terms or premium.

When can I expect to receive my policy documentation?

Policy documentation is issued to us by your insurer usually no later than 14 days after your policy inception date or once all supporting documentation (such as policy proposal forms) have been received. Once we have checked your policy for accuracy and arranged your payment terms, we will issue this to you.

What happens if I lose my documentation or insurance certificate?

We can often email duplicates to you immediately. If we have already posted your documentation and you request that we send further duplicate copies by post then we will make an administration charge to reflect our additional costs.

An incident has occurred but I don't know whether to report it to my insurer?

You should report any incident which may give rise to a claim immediately - even if you think no claim may be made. Failure to do so may lead the insurer to refuse to settle a claim.

I have received a letter from a third party, Solicitor, Court papers, what should I do?

If you receive any correspondence please forward this to us immediately. Please do not enter into any dialogue, either written or verbal as this may prejudice your insurers position.

How do I report a claim?

We would always recommend that you contact us in the first instance, as soon as practicable after the incident. Please do not delay in contacting us as this may lead to the insurer to refuse to settle your claim. We are easy to contact - telephone us on 01943 879539 or email us at claims@rigtoninsurance.co.uk. We will then discuss with you the best way of progressing your claim relevant to your particular insurer and situation. If you are unable to contact us then you may contact your insurer directly and their claims contact details are in your policy booklet.

Should I expect a visit from a Loss Adjuster after I make a claim?

In many cases an insurer will not appoint a Loss Adjuster and will settle the claim directly with you once supporting evidence is received and agreed. If the claim is significant, complex, or a meeting is necessary, then a Loss Adjuster will be appointed. They will contact you directly and arrange a convenient time to visit your premises. You should have all relevant paperwork ready for their visit. They will then liaise with you to arrange either an interim payment or full settlement.

Is it the Loss Adjuster that settles my claim?

The Loss Adjuster will be working on behalf of the insurer and the Adjuster will prepare a report and recommendation for the insurer. Once the insurer has received this report we would usually anticipate that they will issue your settlement within 5-7 working days.

Do Rigtons become involved in the claims process?

We can be as involved as you require. We are always on hand to guide and support you through the process; whether that be to advise you on technical matters or simply chase the Loss Adjuster for an update.

Do claims impact on my premium?

Claims will always be taken into account when an underwriter prepares renewal terms, along with many other factors such as general market changes. Depending on the type of policy you may lose a percentage No Claims Bonus, suffer a premium increase, have additional terms imposed, or there may be no change to your policy or premium at all. If you wish to discuss the likely impact upon your policy please contact us and we can discuss this with you.

What can I expect when my policy comes due for renewal?

We will usually contact you 21 days prior to renewal date, or as soon as is practicable. You will appreciate that we do not calculate your renewal terms and so must await your insurers renewal invitation. For many clients we undertake a full marketing exercise, benchmarking your policy against competing insurers and as a result this process can take some time. We aim to get your renewal terms to you as early as possible, but we will remain in contact with you to keep you updated on our progress.

My renewal date is upcoming, when is the latest I can advise Rigtons to renew my policy?

You need to contact us by 17.30 on the last working day prior to your renewal date - eg if your renewal date is 1st November we need your instructions by 17.30 on 31st October. Due to our opening hours please remember that if your renewal date falls on a Sunday then you must contact us on the preceding Friday.

What happens if I do not wish to renew my policy?

If you do not wish to renew your policy then please let us know in good time prior to renewal date. In direct debit cases payments are often automated and therefore we cannot guarantee an instalment will not be taken on renewal date unless you notify us.

What happens if I want to cancel my policy; will I receive a premium rebate?

If you wish to cancel your policy part way through the policy term then we will advise your insurer accordingly once we have received your written instructions. Any refund due will depend on whether the policy provides a pro-rata premium rebate or a percentage premium rebate. Under the terms of some policies you may not be entitled to a premium rebate. How your rebate will be calculated is detailed in your policy booklet. As the majority of our costs are associated with setting up a policy if we have been remunerated on a commission basis then this will be deducted from any refund provided.

If you pay by instalments through Premium Credit Ltd then any refund will be issued directly to Premium Credit Ltd to cover outstanding instalments. If there is a surplus, or there are no outstanding instalments, they will settle this with you directly.

Please refer to our Terms of Business for further information.

* Please note that this section is intended as guide only and does not take into account individual circumstances.